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        30 SAIC Hongyan Dump Trucks Heads to Congo

        Date:2020-07-03 Author:Daisy Source:www.meiyu3.com

        At the beginning of this year, Hongyan signed a strategic cooperation deal with a customer from Congo to supply 100 heavy-duty trucks. As of the end of June, 30 Units of Hongyan dump trucks have been set sail from Hongyan’s production base in Chongqing to Congo. Upon arrival, these trucks are going to be put in use for transporation of limestone in a cement plant located in central Africa. 

        30 Hongyan Dump Trucks Set Sail to Congo

        It is reported that the customer is a well-known mine stripping enterprise in Congo, whose main business includes mine stripping, mineral trade and merchandise trade. In 2020, its business scope has been further expanded to Congo domestic and international logistics, copper mines, smelting of cobalt mines, sulphuric acid plant service, and commodity and vehicle trading. According to the customer, they had previously purchased 34 Hongyan Dumpers which performed very well, so they decided to purchase another 30 Hongyan dumpers.

        30 Hongyan Dump Trucks Set Sail to Congo

        To address to customer’s specific needs, these dump trucks come with super heavy-duty chassis and Hongyan Fiat FPT rear axles. The rear axles have the advantage of high reliability and particularly long service life. They can bear a load of 20 tons, and the B10 service life can reach 1.2 million kilometers, which allow the trucks to perform perfectly even in extreme pit conditions.

        30 Hongyan Dump Trucks Set Sail to Congo

        Overall SAIC Hongyan has achieved significant results in the South-east Asian market this year. In the vietnam market, 50 Hongyan tractors had just beed handed over to its customer followed by the delivery of 290 Hongyan military vehicles to Cambodian government. And 50 more Hongyan dump trucks are about to be delivered soon.

        ?Despite the difficult global epidemic situation, Hongyan dumpers maintains a stable growth both in domestic and overseas markets. According to the latest data, from January to May this year, a total of 19,000 Hongyan dump trucks were sold. In May alone, Hongyan ‘s sales increased by 97.4 percent year-on-year compared to the same period last year, with a market share of 24 percent.

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