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        Product Presentation

        SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup

        Collection Enquire
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup
        Technical Parameter
        • SAIC MAXUS T60 Pickup

        • 5365/5680*1900*1722

        • 3155-3470

        • 5

        Product Description
        The upcoming SAIC MAXUS T60 has achieved plenty of "industry first" in safety and comfort: it is the first to be designed in accordance with the latest Australian A-NCAP five-star crash safety requirements, and to use thermoforming technology, that proportion of high Strength and ultra-high strength steel plate occupied 68%. To optimize driving experience, it is the first domestic pickup to be equipped with 6AT automatic transmission,  and the first to set up three driving modes, NORMAL/ECO/POWER, adjusted for the certain conditions such as highway, complex road conditions, etc. As for the green environmental protection, it is designed in accordance with the EU ELV standards, reaching the Euro VI emission standards. It is also the first pickup to be equipped with smart car networking system, of which SAIC YunOs system can realize human-vehicle interaction, vehicle-vehicle interaction, and will provide the industry and personal solutions for the project rescue, orchard management, and personal self-driving enthusiasts. It is reported that SAIC MAXUS T60 has been planned into 17 major markets such as Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, South Africa, and so on, of which overseas sales will account for 50% of the T60 overall sales, contributing to the SAIC further explore of overseas business.
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