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        China’s Heavy Truck Sales Hit New High in July

        Date:2020-08-04 Author:Daisy Source:www.meiyu3.com

        In July, China reported a 90 percent increase in heavy truck sales at 144,000 units. Between January and July of 2020, the industry sold 960,200 heavy-duty trucks in China, a 31 percent increase, as compared to the sales during the same period in 2019.

        Top Ten Heavy-duty Truck Sales in July

        Let’s take a look at the the top five heavy-duty truck makers on the sales list.

        In July alone, FAW Jiefang took the first place with a market share of 27.6 percent to reach 35,300 units, a 92 percent increase. Between January and July of 2020, around 264,900 heavy trucks were sold with an increase of 38 percent.

        Dongfeng ranked second position with a 18.7 percent share of the domestic heavy truck market to reach 28,500 units, a 75% year over year increase in July. Between January to July, Dongfeng saw its total sales up 25% year on year to 179,300 units.

        SINOTRUK came at a third position with 24,000 units sold and reported a jump of 97% YoY. During the first seven months, It sold a record 144,700 heavy trucks in the first seven months of 2020 with a market share of 15.1 percent, up 25 percent year-on-year.

        SHACMAN came at a fourth position to reach 20,000 units with an increase of 92 percent. During the first seven months, it sold a total of 130,600 units heavy trucks and surpassed 13.6 percent market share with year-over-year growth of 19% in the period.

        During the first seven months of 2020, Foton remained at the fifth position to reach 92,965 units sales and 9.7 percent market share and 81 percent year-over-year growth, the largest growth rate among the top ten truck makers. In July, around 15,100 heavy trucks were sold, up 179 percent year-on-year.

        The top five heavy truck makers accounted for 85.4 percent of the total market share, up 2.7 percent compared to the 82.7 percent in the period 2019.

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