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        August Heavy-duty Truck Sales in China

        Date:2020-09-04 Author:Daisy Source:www.meiyu3.com

        In August, China sold a total of 12,8000 units of heavy-duty trucks, down 8 percent from July and 75 percent higher than the year-ago month, according to the latest data. Between January and August, this market represented 1,083,500 units, an increase of 35 percent compared with the first eight months of 2019, representing a net sales growth of roughly 280,000 units.

        August Heavy-duty Truck Sales in China

        In August, FAW Jiefang (27.6 thousand), Dongfeng (27 thousand units), SINOTRUK (20 thousand units), SHACMAN (19 thousand units) and Foton (12.3 thousand units) were ranked among the top five best sales companies. Total sales for the top five in the month of August 2020 increased by 1.2 percent at 105.9 thousand units as compared to a year earlier. This hold close to 82.7 percent of the total market sales.

        With regard to January to August period, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng, Sinotruk, SHACMAN and Foton still dominated the top five of the ranking. Together domestic sales by the big five heavy-duty makers were 1 percent higher at 913,700 units, representing 83.3 percent of total heavy-duty truck sales in China. Specifically, the total ammount of heavy-duty trucks sold by Foton stood at 105.3 thousand units, representing 84 percent growth year on year, the largest growth ever. FAW Jiefang had the second highest growth, which reported a year-on-year growth of 41 percent with a total of 293,100 units sales for the first eight months. Also JAC reported a year-on-year rise of 40 percent to 36,600 units, a higer growth than the industry.

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